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Busta Wrench Guide

Busta Wrench Guide to Sim Racing

Your own personal Crew Chief.

Get the edge on the competition. 


The Busta Wrench Guide to sim racing, isn’t for every driver. For those that want to compete and get the most of their track time, it introduces you to the components of your virtual ride and how to make it faster for you.

The book includes methods for testing and working in a team environment to make setups faster in less time.Busta Wrench Guide

As a bonus we’ve turned the tweak guide into a slick little desk top application that you can use to get the right settings to change based on the car you are driving. This is a handy tool you can have on your desktop and just call up the car, track and problem you are trying to fix and give you appropriate options for that

parBusta Wrench Guideticular car.

For example as you can see in the screen shot to the left, an Indycar suffering understeer on a road course, could be helped by any of the settings listed by what they affect on the car.

Where you would see an adjustment for weight jacker for ovals, it isn’t used on road courses, so doesn’t show up as an option.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into iRacing, Forza, Gran Tourismo, rFactor or Drive Club, if the car has settings or a garage, there is something here you can learn to help you get the edge.

Cars Featured:

  • Indycar (Road & Oval)
  • Skipbarber
  • Generic Road
  • Generic Oval
  • Nascar Truck
  • V8 Supercar
  • Nascar Nationwide
  • Nascar Sprint Cup
  • McLaren MP4
  • Ruf Track



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