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Live Axle

A live axle, sometimes called a solid axle, is a type of beam axle suspension system that uses the driveshafts that transmit power to the wheels to connect the wheels laterally so that they move together as a… Continue reading

Trail Braking

Trail braking refers to continuing to brake past the turn in point, and on into the corner.

Generally a driver will get all the braking done before turn in so that all the tires grip can be… Continue reading

Weight Jacker

Weight Jacker

The weight-jacker is a setting somewhat akin to wedge on a stock car. The main difference is that the driver can adjust weight-jacker while on the track. There are even rumors of some drivers adjusting weight-jacker in between… Continue reading

Tire pressures

TirTire pressure gaugee pressures

The Tire acts as a spring, with softer tires generally offering increased grip. The aim is to have somewhat even tire temperatures across the tires.

On cars that don’t have suspension adjustment, you can adjust the balance… Continue reading

Brake Bias

Brake Bias

A race car typically has two master brake cylinders. One controls the front brakes and the other the rear. A dial between the two controls how much pressure goes to each.

This allows the driver to change the… Continue reading



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