Oval Racing vs. Road Racing

When it comes to oval racing vs. road racing, what are the main differences and what makes each one unique?

Take this with a grain of salt but this is my view on how the two types of racing differ.DMTC panorama - 1200px

Oval racing, especially in the real world, is a team event with a large emphasis on strategy. Where road racing is a team even with a large emphasis on strategy. What? That’s exactly what you said about oval racing.
Ok well that’s true enough but the way the team’s work and the strategies tend to work out a lot differently.

Oval racing, typically, has very short lap times with lots of laps. It’s important to keep on the lead lap and get the car such that you can make a push for the win near the end of the race. There are more options for just “riding” and taking care of your stuff waiting for an opportunity to present itself. You generally have a lot of cars very close to each other and you must make allowances for that.

Road racing tends to be more stretched out and as a driver you spend more time thinking about the track and how to get the most out of the car, than seeing what the folks around you are doing.

Strategies tend to be more around tire life, and trying to leapfrog cars on the track through pit stops as there tends to be a narrower racing line and over taking can be more of a risk.


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