iRacing Setups

Welcome to the Busta Wrench iRacing Setups page. All the setups that are fit to run circles around your friends.

If you’re looking for a particular iRacing Setup and can’t find it on one of the pages drop me a line from the contact page.

Always happy to have feedback on the setups, or answer a question on making a setup better for you.

Ford GT Setups

The Ford GT40 is one of my all time favourite cars, when I found out that Ford brought it back, bigger and badder than the original I was very excited. When iRacing managed to get their hands on race prepared Ford GT it was one of the happiest sim racing moments for me. It’s a
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HPD ARX Setups

iRacing HPD-ARX 01 Setups What do you mean you’re not racing the Acura HPD because it’s a handful? It’s one of the best cars on the iRacing service and has a ton of grip and feel if set up right. Grab a set and get some seat time, you’ll be glad you did.

Skip Barber Setups

the iRacing Skip Barber is one of the most raced cars on the service. While there aren’t a lot of setup options available to the car, getting a lot of laps under your belt requires a car you are comfortable with. Grab a set and hit the track.  

iRacing Ruf RT12R Track Setups

iRacing Ruf RT12R Track Setups  

Mclaren MP4 Setups

iRacing Mclaren MP4 Setups

iRacing Corvette C6R Setups

iRacing Corvette C6R setups

iRacing V8 Supercar Setups

iRacing V8 Supercar Setups The OTM setups have been archived for posterity. You can always contact me for something in particular. Busta Wrench iRacing V8 Supercar Setup Guide : iRacing V8 Supercar Setup Guide You can get a printable setup sheet : iRacing V8 Supercar Setup Sheet

iRacing Mustang Setups

iRacing Mustang Setups The Busta Wrench Mustang FR500 Setups.

iRacing Indycar Setups

iRacing IndyCar setups. These are all with the Dallara until such time as the DW12 comes out and becomes the primary series car. The old tire model setups have been archived, let me know if you’re looking for something in particular.

iRacing Mazda MX5 Setups

iRacing MX5 Setups Mazda MX5 Cup Mazda MX5 Roadster

iRacing Cadillac CTS-VR Setups

The Cadillac CTS-VR is a beast and one of the best sounding cars in the iRacing service. Make sure you are winding it out in each gear as it has a much higher rev range than the Corvette.

iRacing Lotus 79 Setups

iRacing Lotus 79 Setups

iRacing Williams FW31 Setups

iRacing Williams Toyota F1 Setups.

iRacing Nascar B Setups

Welcome to the iRacing Nascar B Setups Page. The Nascar B series is a hotly contested stepping stone to the iRacing Pro series and setups start to become a little more scarce the closer you get to the Pro cup. These setups are generally faster than the fixed and more comfortable over a longer run
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iRacing Nascar A Setups

iRacing Nascar A Setups. These iRacing Setups are for the Gen 6 Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and Chevrolet SS as both cars share the same setup/ physics data. If you have any issues downloading, right-click -> save as.

iRacing Truck Setups

iRacing NASCAR C Truck Setups. Come and get your Truck on!  

iRacing Star Mazda Setups

iRacing Star Mazda Setups

iRacing Riley Daytona Prototype Setups

iRacing Riley Daytona Prototype setups The Riley DP is one of the best sounding cars in the iRacing service and good fun to drive.

iRacing Radical SR8 Setups

iRacing Radical SR8 Setups