Basic Shock Tuning Suggestions

Front Rear
Compress Rebound Compress Rebound
Straightaway Bouncing – all damping levels are generally low. In

some cases the adjustments could be too firm if the car is overreacting to small inputs

+ + + +
Straight Line Braking – Front Lockup
Straight Line Braking – Rear Lockup +
Trail Braking – Slow Turn in Response + +
Trail Braking – Understeer +
Trail Braking – Oversteer +
Turn In (No Braking) – Understeer +
Turn In (No Braking) – Oversteer +
Steady State Turning – Understeer + +
Steady State Turning – Oversteer + +
Corner Exit – Understeer +
Corner Exit – Oversteer +
Straight Line Acceleration – Lack of Traction

This guide is taken from the real Ford Mustang FR500s setup guide and should prove a good rule of thumb to help with all iRacing road cars that have bump and rebound settings to their suspension.