What is a Crew Chief and what do they do?

The Crew Chief position is very important in any race team. He is responsible for the building and set up of the car and the success on the weekend. Usually ably aided by between a couple and a couple dozen other team members.

Working with a Crew Chief

Two heads are better than one. To get the best out of a team you need to have a common language. We have tried to give a start on some language to get you and your crew chief on the same page.

Once you can articulate to the team what the car is doing and to what degree, the team can come up with options on how to make it better.

Working as a Crew Chief

Drivers are passionate, they work in a hot, fast paced environment and they usually have no issue telling you what’s what.

The Trick is to get to the essence of what’s going on with the car and work with the options you have available to make it better.

Being your own Crew Chief

Most racers start out doing their own wrenching. The concept of being your own crew chief really just means knowing what the various parts of the car do. What you have available to tweak on in any given session and thinking through what the car is doing. How it changes over time and what effect changing your driving style has on car performance.


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