Ford Mustang FR500S Setup Guide

Basic Shock Tuning Suggestions
  Front   Rear  
  Comp Reb Comp Reb
Straightaway Bouncing – all damping levels are generally low. In
some cases the adjustments could be too firm if the car is overreacting to small inputs + + + +
Straight Line Braking – Front Lockup –      
Straight Line Braking – Rear Lockup +     –
Trail Braking – Slow Turn in Response +     +
Trail Braking – Understeer –     +
Trail Braking – Oversteer +     –
Turn In (No Braking) – Understeer   –   +
Turn In (No Braking) – Oversteer   +   –
Steady State Turning – Understeer – – + +
Steady State Turning – Oversteer + + – –
Corner Exit – Understeer   – +  
Corner Exit – Oversteer   + –  
Straight Line Acceleration – Lack of Traction   – –  

* – Once the vehicle is steady-state (no pitch/roll) in a turn, damper movements are no longer influencing the behavior.
These are basic, general guidelines on how to tune different issues with dampers. There are other items to tune that can also help with your optimal set- up in different areas. Tire Pressures, alignment settings, ride heights and sway bar adjustments can also address some of the same issues. Every track will be a series of compromises in different areas to get the fastest vehicle set-up for the racing conditions, remember weather and the time of day can also be variables.

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