If you are looking for my setups, they are HERE

I don’t always have the time I would like to dedicate to building setups, and I have certainly leaned on a lot of the great setup builders to learn how to setup the car to do what I want it to do. Below are some great sites that have iRacing Setups.

If you are looking to tweak on, customize or learn setups yourself, the setup and quick fix guides I’ve posted are a great way to learn how the various car components change the car’s behavior.

A lot of the setups I get are from the iRacing forums, but there are a few other sites that are worth bookmarking for reference.

www.TeamRedLine.co.uk – Volker and Wolfgang’s setups for Mazda and Lotus 79 are a little alien but a great place to start.

www.OrionRaceTeam.com – Shawn Purdy and a few others post their setups here, great for DP and Lotus 79 sets.

www.iRacersResource.com – Good source of Oval setups by Marcos Caton et al.

www.Setup-Guru.com – Some of Volker’s setups here.

www.AnachroPunk.com/iRacing – Mark A Carpenter’s iRacing resource site. Excellent stable setups and guides.

www.RacingSetups.com – ***NEW***  The new kid on the block from the great guys who brought us Trading Paints.

Virtual Crewchief – This suite of tools will help you set up your car based on tire temperatures.

if you know of more, let me know on the contact form.