Quickfix Guide

This quick fix guide goes hand in hand with the chart I posted HERE and provides a lot of the same information. This also gives a better overview of what the various pieces of the car can do to help in a less visual way.

Loose In Loose Out Tight In Tight Out
Stiffen RF Spring Soften RR Spring Soften RF Spring Stiffen RR Spring
Increase RF Air Pressure Decrease RR Air Pressure Decrease RF Air Pressure Increase RR Air Pressure
Soften LF Spring Soften LR Spring

Stiffen LF spring

Stiffen LF Spring Soften LR Spring
Decrease LF Air Pressure Increase LR Air Pressure Increase LF Air Pressure Decrease LR Air Pressure
Increase nose weight Increase wedge Decrease nose weight Increase rear sway bar
Decrease rear brake bias Decrease rear sway bar Increase rear brake bias
Increase front sway bar Decrease front sway bar Lower rebound LF shock
Lower right track bar

raise left track bar

Taller gear Raise right track bar

Lower left track bar

Higher rebound RF shock
More cross weight Raise LF tire pressure Stiffen RR spring Lower bump LR shock
Decrease front camber Lower RR tire pressure Soften LR spring Higher bump RR shock
lower RR tire pressure Decrease wheel lock Less cross weight Soften LF spring
Decrease rear spoiler Increase rear spoiler Lower RF tire pressure Stiffen RR spring
Soften RR spring Lower bump RR shock Raise RR tire pressure Lower LF tire pressure
Higher bump RF shock Higher bump LR shock Higher bump LF shock Lower right track bar
Lower bump LF shock Lower rebound RF shock Lower bump RF shock Raise left track bar
Higher rebound RR shock Higher rebound LF shock Higher rebound LR shock Raise LF camber
Lower rebound LR shock Raise right track bar

lower left track bar

Lower rebound RR shock
decrease RF camber Decrease LF camber Increase RF camber

*note- bump and compression can be used as the same terminology.

Oversteer in the middle Understeer in the middle
More cross weight Less cross weight
Increase rear spoiler (if applicable) Decrease rear spoiler
Move rear weight forward Move rear weight back
Raise RF tire pressure Lower RF tire pressure
Lower LF tire pressure Raise LF tire pressure
Lower RR tire pressure Raise RR tire pressure
Raise LR tire pressure Lower LR tire pressure
Stiffen RF shock Soften RF shock
Soften RR shock Stiffen RR shock
More front sway bar Less front sway bar
Less rear sway bar More rear sway bar


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