iRacing-Setup-TroubleshootingSometimes I call it a cheat sheet, sometimes a tweak guide.

I just had a question come in on how to use it and thought some of you folks might get some help out of the answer.

Nothing so sophisticated I’m afraid.

The cheat sheet is this :

After I run 10 laps i’ll have a look at the tires and also think about how the car is running.

If it’s tight and burning up the front tires (understeer if you’re on road courses) go the panel on the sheet that makes sense … say loose exit for this example.

The red arrows are the adjustments you can make to the car to help fix the problem.

Usually just do one at a time and see what it does. IF you really want to get into what the things do … move it a LOT and see what happens but just one at a time.

So for our example the car is just a little loose off the corner so i take the right rear shock and lower the bump / compression 5 clicks to give that rear tire a little more “give” coming off the corner.

Hope this helps.