I’ve had my new rig for a few weeks now and felt it was a good time to note down thoughts on how I like, how it compares to the old rig and what, if any improvements there are to be.

For the last few years I’ve been running a Fanatec GT3 RS wheel and pedals attached to a desk with a triple screen setup. Very very immersive and very cool but a bit of an eyesore and I was copping grief from my lovely wife.

With the upcoming release of the Oculus Rift and the hope of a more portable experience I looked into something new.

The Fanatec CSW system with removable wheels seemed like the ticket for the wheel, and I could still use my old pedals for a while.

As I wouldn’t need a desk (as much) with the HMD a wheel stand would work and could be put away when not used, as opposed to a cockpit of some description.

So enter the new setup.

Fanatec CSW wheel
Fanatec clubsport Pedals
Fanatec Rennsport Wheel Stand.

Assembly was a piece of cake on the stand and it’s significantly heavier than I would have guessed.